how to delete temp files in android: How to Clear Cache Files

How to Clear Android Mobile Phone's Cache Files

How To Delete Temp Files In Android: First we have to know that what is a Cache Files, So Cache Files is an unwanted Files, which are not useful to you. It makes your phone’s storage full with unwanted stuffs, and its also makes your phone’s speed very slow.

How Unwanted Files Takes Place In Your Phones

Unwanted Files/Cache Files, when you visit any kind of websites then those website’s data are automatically stored in your phone. Example:- Website’ address, website’s domain and website’s graphics etc which get stored in your local disk.

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If you again visit on that websites then that websites will help you to reopen fast because that websites was already saved in your local disk.

How unwanted Files takes place in your Android Mobile Phones

How To Delete Temp Files In Android:How To Clear Your Mobile Cache Files

For Deleting Cache Files, First!!

1. First Click on your Mobile Phone’s ‘Settings’ icon

2. Then Click on ‘Additional Settings’

3. Click on ‘Storage’ icon

4. Then you got ‘Clean Storage’ Option

5. Then Click on ‘Clean Storage’ Option

6. You get an option ‘Safe to Clean / Clear All’

Exactly go through this procedure you can easily delete your Cache Files.

How to clear your Android Mobile Phone's Cache Files

How To Delete Temp Files In Android: Is it Ok To Clear Cache Data

If you delete your Mobile Phone’s Cache data, then you’ll get your mobile phone’s speed fast. You can see when you use your internet to open any kind of websites, its really takes too much times to open, its getting open very slower due to your Mobile Phone’s Cache Files storage are full. Whatever you have visited earlier on any kind of websites their addresses were saved.

If you deleted your Android Mobile Phone’s Cache data, you’ll definitely not lose your personal data, its mean it doesn’t affect any kind of your personal data. Its deleted only your unwanted files, which are not useful to you.

How To Delete Temp Files In Android: What Happened When You Clear Phone Cache Data

If you Clear your Android Mobile Phone’s Cache Data, then your Phone’s speed get fast, your Phone will never get hang and any of your Phone’s Application never being crashed. You have seen many times earlier before deleting your Cache Files that when you opened any applications, it seems crashed, this happened because your Mobile’s Cache data storage is full, so it’s happened when you clear your Cache Data.

How To Delete Temp Files In Android Is Pictures deleted when you Clear Cache Data

Is Pictures Deleted When You Clear Cache Data

How To Delete Temp Files In Android: If you deleted Cache Data then your personal photos not get deleted, it doesn’t matter that the pictures has saved in a phone storage or in an external storage. Your pictures will be definitely safe. So always on daily basis delete your cache data so that your phone must be safe and also you’ll get your phone’s speed so fast, so its totally cleared that deleting Cache Files won’t affect your personal photographs.

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