Online Banking Fraud: Do You Know How Much Got Scammed Every Year

Online Banking Fraud: There are lots of Cyber Crimes or Cyber frauds cases happened every year in the whole world. Cases are just increased day by day every year.

From last ten years we are getting more active on social media and doing maximum possibilities through online platform. Like payment transactions, online shopping’s and searching anything online through internet. Likewise we are just getting habitual to using online platforms because we have a lots of options over there.

These things makes our life easier but if we are doing everything in a mannered and discipline way. But excess use of these things knowing anything in details makes our life in a wrong turn in drastic path.

Recent Annual Report of RBI Banking Fraud Happened in India

Online Banking Fraud
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According to recent report of RBI banking fraud happened in India during April 2009 to September 2019 India had lost approximate Rs. 615 Crores. Means to say approximate 2 Lacs cases had registered against banking fraud.

However security level has been increased in every sector day by day to secure any platform. Credit cards fraud is also the part of this banking fraud as it constituting 76% in banking related frauds during the year of 2019-2020.

Member of the Lok Sabha Mr. Anurag Thakur had said that “In the last three months of the year 2019 approximate 21,041 cases had been registered against online banking fraud and it’ll lost around Rs. 129 Crores.”

Make Yourself Safer Against Online Banking Frauds

It happened because of some data breaches which scammers converted into fraudulent activities. The number is increasing through big organizations and through many more business related companies through our documents because over there many more customers have submitted there details,

like phone number, name, mail id, locations and in some cases banking details also submitted. The scammers make target according to their data base so please be aware before submitting your documents anywhere and think twice always. Once you become victim you lose your trust among that organization or business.

After increasing number of fraudulent activities company had given their staff limited access where it became impossible to know brief details about any customer.

How Can You Make Yourself Safer Against Banking fraudulent

Banking Fraud
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As in now a days everyone received a secured messages from your own registered bank as well as from government or central offices also like RBI “Bank never asked for OTP, so please be aware from that kind of frauds”. It really helps to decrease the number of fraudulent banking activities.

So here is a request for lifetime that do not share your banking details to any unusual like registered phone number, registered mail id, PIN number, password or any kind of personal information’s.

Always use strict password against your personal information’s or personal documents. Keep your personal materials in a secured place. Restrict your emails and passwords so that anyone can’t access your personal Id’s. Before purchasing any order through online platforms make sure to reviews against that product before placing the order. Always use authorized sites to do any online activities.

Where to File Complaint Against Online Banking Fraud Activities in India?

If you got scammed by online banking fraud and become a victim against online fraudulent activities then first go to your nearest police station and file complain on instant basis, if you have an option then you can also file complain in cyber crime authorities.

If you got scammed through your banking related materials like debit/credit card transactions happened without your knowledge then on instant basis first file a complain in your related banks physically. Not on call first go to your bank because physical appearance can resolve your problem on instant basis.

Either now every big organizations like, banks, business related offices has increased their cyber protocols and also they made this mandatory.

Keep Yourself Updated against online banking fraud

Always update yourself and online banking fraud, as its really mandatory to follow this protocols to safe your account against this fraudsters.

As well as make your system updated also because it decreased the number of risks against this fraudulent activities. Make sure that your browser have a recent update of security patches installed.

Against The Scammers Recently ICICI Bank has Adviced Some “Safe Banking Tips”

Online Banking Fraud
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These tips are as follows against online banking fraud:

  • First always protect yourself from Phishing
  • Never reply on those emails who are asking for password, pin or any kind of personal information’s.
  • Always use banking websites, type properly the URL on address bar
  • Before using Internet banking verify the domain name clearly
  • Never submit your card details for any kind of free gifts to unusual websites
  • Always use secured sites for online purchase, just safe your money with your own sense.
  • Protect your Internet Password.
  • Never use unprotected PC’s in cyber cafe for any kind of banking use.
  • Never leave the PC just opened with your all personal information’s, before leaving just shut down all the bars first and system also.
  • From any kind of unsecured sources never install or run any kind of file obtained
  • If you went any Atm, never assist any unknown person for your money withdrawal or deposit.
  • Before leaving the ATM, please count your withdrawal money and keep it first in your wallet.
  • On monthly basis check your debit card/ credit card transactions on regular basis.
  • Never keep your pin and card together.

As personal point of view after…

..reading this post you got aware about online banking fraud but our team request you please make aware against this fraudsters to your family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues too. We earn money with hard work and just in a second if we lose our hard work money through online banking fraud, its might be make our self in depression.

It will happen to any of our known people it makes us also disappointment that why I don’t teach them against this before happening that fraud. So guys be aware and always use your sense before doing any online activity from any platform.

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