How To Change Registered Mobile Number In Dish TV

How to change registered mobile number in Dish TV Set Top Box,their are many different methods change registered mobile number, Dish Tv is the second largest company of DTH in India and if talk about its services its always provides new plans. So will have to follow few steps to change number.

Dish TV

Step 1. First open My dish TV App, if you don’t have Dish TV, then you can download it from play store.

Step 2. Click on menu that is on left side of app in 3rd line

Step 3. Click on your profile

Step 4. You’ll get an option to edit registered mobile number, so click there

Step 5. Enter there new mobile number, whom you want to change

Step 6. Click on submit, you get an Otp submit it, finally you’ll changed your previous number to a new number

Is it possible to shift Dish TV Set Top Box from one to other locations

You can easily shift your dish TV locations one to others but first you’ll have to get permission to customer care then you’ll have to add your new address with yourself or through customer care, you don’t have to pay any service charges. But in case if you want to re-installation through your new address company then you’ll have to pay fee

How to De-activate Dish TV active service channels

To De-activate Dish Tv active service channels, you can de- activate through customer care , by self through app or website. So you can follow this steps to de-active dish tv active service channels by my dish tv app or through website.

 Dish TV active service channels

Step 1. Open My Dish Tv app

Step 2. In the bottom you’ll get edit option, click there

Step 3. Their is an dashboard popup of your existing pack details where is your package plan details

Step 4. Then click on Vas Pack

Step 5. Then you’ll get active channels list and it also showing locking periods

Step 6. If your 30 days locking period is completed, then you can click on delete button and easily removed that channel which you don’t want to continue

NOTE:- If your 30 days locking period is not completed then you can’t remove that channel.

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Orange Light in Dish TV Setup Box

If you see orange light in Dish TV setup box, it means the signal is very week, so in that case please re-start your setup box and you’ll get your setup box automatically set.

How to check Dish TV Set Top Box Packages

Their are many methods to check Dish TV Packages, Talk to customer care or by self check through My Dish TV App or by Website.

Step 1. Open My Dish Tv App

Step 2. Click on My Profile and scroll down, you get an option Subscribed Pack, here you’ll get all details regarding your packages.

How to Recharge Dish TV Set Top Box

You can recharge your Dish TV, through online, offline or by your nearest retailer, you can also recharge Dish Tv through Debit Card, Credit Card or Wallet.

You can also recharge in the account of Dish TV from any local shop, Dish TV always keeps on giving new offers for its customers so that customers of Dish TV remain with them. Dish TV gives full one month free recharge for one year recharge for its customer during Diwali.

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