Coal Mines in Jharkhand: Do You Known Interesting Facts About Coal

coal mines in jharkhand

Coal Mines in Jharkhand: Coal is an important source of energy; which plays an important role for the development of Country. Jharkhand is one the natural God gifted place. There are many natural resources found in all regions of Jharkhand. There are totally nine Coal Mines in Jharkhand. Total area spread in approximate 79,714 square … Read more

Visa Free Countries for India: Visa Free Entry to Indian Passport Holders

visa free country

Visa Free Countries for India: We love to explore new places in all over India, but if it is mater about to travel outside the Country then the first thing which arises in our mind is ‘Visa’, then we cancelled most of our plan due to that reason. So don’t be worried about anything as … Read more

Best Time To Visit India: After Reading This You Must Plan


Best Time To Visit India: India is a very big country having an awesome snow-capped mountains to palm-fringed tropical beaches with different weathers in different regions. So, finding which season best suits you can be read this in brief. It is a country where anyone can experience how busy, populated, and incredible this place is. … Read more

Famous Leaders of India: Freedom Fighters who Sacrificed for the Country

Famous Leaders of India

Famous Leaders of India: India: India is one of the luckiest country in the world where yo can find one of the greatest leader from the each region, who serves them self totally and sacrifices also without thinking twice. Just every Indian have an oath that “We proud to be an Indian” and its work … Read more

Best Polytechnic Colleges in Jharkhand: Just Go For Admission

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Best Polytechnic Colleges in Jharkhand: It also be described as a short technical diploma course. The course comprises specialized streams of science, technology, engineering or any other technical subject. The major branches of the polytechnic are Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Computer Science etc. There are many polytechnic colleges of state government as well … Read more

Famous Indian People: People Who Became Inspiration for Everyone


Famous Indian People: India is one of the greatest country in the world as it have plenty of gems which shines like a star for whole life or after the life also. These are theunforgettable people of India. These great Indian personalities divided in diffrerent fiels like as a businessman, cricketer, politician, actors, actress and … Read more

Bike Parcel in Train: इन बातों का ध्यान रखे नहीं तो झेलनी पड़ेगी नुकसान

bike parcel in train

Bike Parcel in Train: बाइक या स्कूटी ट्रेन से पार्सल करवाना चाहते है तो आपको थोड़ा संभल के रहना पड़ेगा, अगर आप एक शहर से दूसरे शहर मे पार्सल करवाना चाहते है तो आप ट्रेन से भेज सकते है, लैकिन अगर आप पास मे किसी दूसरे शहर मे पार्सल करवाना चाहते है तो आप खुद … Read more