Coal Mines in Jharkhand: Do You Known Interesting Facts About Coal

Coal Mines in Jharkhand: Coal is an important source of energy; which plays an important role for the development of Country. Jharkhand is one the natural God gifted place. There are many natural resources found in all regions of Jharkhand. There are totally nine Coal Mines in Jharkhand.

Total area spread in approximate 79,714 square kilometers, having a forest area 29.61% and total natural resources having 40% area of Jharkhand. State having 1st position in Coal, 2nd position in Iron, 3rd position in copper, 7th position in Bauxite.

As in this state there is much more natural resources founded in a huge quantity like Manganese, China Clay, Dolomite, Limestone, Soap Stone, Fire Clay, Apatite, Gold and Uranium etc.

In whole Jharkhand Jharia is the largest coalfield of the state. As the total number of mines founded in Jharkhand are nine. Here is the all list of that coal mines with the district name.

The total nine coal mines of Jharkhand State are:

  1. Gondulpara (Hazaribagh)
  2. Chakla (Latehar)
  3. Choritand Tiliaya (Bokaro)
  4. Rajhara North (Central and Eastern Palamu)
  5. Chitarpur (Latehar)
  6. Urma Paharitola (Dumka and Pakur)
  7. North Dhadu (Latehar)
  8. Seregarha (Latehar)
  9. Brahmadiha (Giridih)

Approximate 83.15 billion tones founded in Jharkhand state. Mining are done in these districts of Jharkhand- Jharia, Dhanbad, Ramgarh, Giridih, Karanpur and Bokaro. State is one of the richest places of India in coal mines and the best quality of coal have hard, brittle, black lustrous which containing high percentage of fixed carbon and low percentage of volatile matter.

Bituminous coal founded middle ranked coal. In whole over India only Jharkhand is the largest coal producing country.

There are totally four types of Coal

  1. Anthracite
  2. Bituminous
  3. Subbituminous
  4. Lignite

Above the coal list, Anthracite the cleanest type of coal, after burning it produces less smoke in comparison to others as it burned as longer in comparison to wood.

Dhanbad known as the coal capital of India. It is one of the richest places of Jharkhand state, its coal industries and factories as it is one of the most successful commercial areas across in India.

States where Coal founded in Large Number in India

India mainly coal founded in large number in the region of eastern and south-central India,

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Chattisgarh and Telangana, accounted as total number of call reserves 98.095. Jharkhand is a large coal producing state in India.

Top 10 largest coal producing states in India are:

Coal Mines in Jharkhand
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  1. Chhattisgarh- 127.095 million tones
  2. Jharkhand- 113.014 million tones
  3. Odisha- 112.917 million tones
  4. Madhya Pradesh- 75.59 million tones
  5. Andhra Pradesh- 50.469 million tones
  6. Maharashtra- 37.223 million tones
  7. West Bengal- 28.242 million tones
  8. Uttar Pradesh- 14.721 million tones
  9. Meghalaya- 5.732 million tones
  10. Assam- 0.664 million tones

Important of Coals

Coal is important for industrialization as it is a used for source of energy for generating power, manufacturing for steel and production of cement.

In the World Largest Coal Producing Countries are:

  1. United States of America- 250.2 billion tones
  2. Russia- 160.3 billion tones
  3. Australia- 147.4 billion tones
  4. China- 138.8 billion tones
  5. India- 101.3 billion tones
  6. Indonesia- 37 billion tones
  7. Germany- 36.1 billion tones
  8. Ukraine- 34.37 billion tones
  9. Poland- 26.4 billion tones
  10. Kazakhstan- 25.6 billion tones

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