Golden Gate: an unforgettable brief about the History of Golden Gate

The Golden Gate the strait which connected the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco Bay. The area well known for its current providing facilities from the Pacific Ocean. The name Golden Gate given by Captain John C. Fremont in 1846.

The reason behind the giving that name rich cargos are crossed over there. In the summer season the Bridge area covered with fog as it formed the largest breaks in the hills of the California Coast Ranges which allowed dense streamed cool fog to come in the bay.

So maximum time in the year you found that Bridge having approximate same climatic conditions. All mandatory shorelines and strait are managed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

In the Bay many species of sharks has been seen like Leopard Shark, Soup fin Shark, Pacific Angel Shark, Brown Smooth hound and many more. On the bottom of the Bay Small Spiny Dogfishes has also been seen.


Before 18th Centaury the area covered with a Native American people from the Northern California east. But in 18th Century Europeans arrived and they see that the straight area is not in use due to high deepest fog around the bay and are not recorded in the history before 18th Century.

On 5 August 1775, the crew of the ship Juan de Ayala, San Carlos became the first Europeans to pass that strait. In 1840, the strait is called by the localities ‘Boca Del Puerto de San Francisco’ which means Mouth of the Port of San Francisco.This is now known as Golden Gate due to gold found in California.

Golden Gate Uses

The bay used for nautical transportation as one of the largest cargos from San Francisco Bay to United States. A commercial port also passes through those routes like Port of Oakland, Port of Richman and may more. Not only commercial port but fishing boats, barges, tankers, wind surfers, kite boats, private boats and cruise ships etc also passes through this route.

Every year millions of ships have crossed from that bay. United State’s Coast Guard maintained all the traffic rules to make a disciplined order the bay.

For navigational guidance there is a white and green lights are fixed on the Golden Gate Bridge. Before the Bridge built, there lighthouse who guided the navigations.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
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The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge which lies 1.7 miles long, an icon for the people of San Francisco as it tall 227 meters. It connected to the city of San Francisco to California. one of the longest bridges among the entire world ,considered as an engineering marvelous bridge in 1937.

Unknown Facts about the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The bridge got struck before it completed
  • Bridge’s orange colour was just a primer
  • In 1937, it was cost $ 0.50 each way to cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  • There is a safety net below the bridge, 19 men got saved during the construction of the bridge.
  • Before the name given this bridge Golden gate bridge, early in 1840, the strait is called by the localities ‘Boca Del Puerto de San Francisco’ which means Mouth of the Port of San Francisco.
  • 11 workers were died during the construction of Golden Bridge
  • The depth of the water under the Golden Gate Bridge is approximate 377 feet (115 meters).

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