Indian Railways Seat Availability: Diwali and Chhatt Puja

Indian Railways has announced that Indian Railways will operate 46 special trains for Diwali and Chhatt Puja. It has decided to the rising demand of travelers and passengers for specially Diwali and Chhatt Puja. Ministry of Railways tweets ” The festive special shall run fully reserved, the passengers are requested to get the reservation of births / seats done beforehand. Passengers having reserved tickets will only be allowed to enter the platform to board the trains. It is decided to to clear the festive rush. Unreserved accommodation in the train will not available” they tweeted.

Indian Railways
Indian Railways

Ministry has also said that confirm the reservations, confirm tickets before festivals due to the rush of Diwali and Chhatt Puja. That is an important notice from the railways Ministry.

As we know in our Country India Diwali is the main festival which is a very popularl festival. But the Chhatt Puja is one of the main festival for in Jharkhand and Bihar both the states. According to Jharkhand and Bihar Chatt Puja is the main festival for them. This Puja taken to complete four days,

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18th Of November to 21st of November, Chatt Puja will be celebrated. The month Octrober and November is the main peak of main festivals that is Nav ratri, Diwali and Chhatt Puja.

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Indian Railway Time Table and Chart for Diwali and Chhatt Puja 2020

For this festive season many trains will be started during Diwali and Chhatt Puja, so here is the full list.

  1. Train Number 04404- Anand Vihar Terminal- Bhagalpur Superfast special train will operated from 23 October to 30 November from Anand Vihar terminal at 6.35 pm ( Timing may be varied).
  2. 04403- Bhagalpur to Anand Vihar Terminal Superfast
  3. 04410/04409- New Delhi to Patna- Patna to New Delhi superfast express.
  4. – 02471/ 02472- Srinagar to Delhi- Delhi to Srinagar special train
  5. 02165/ 02166- Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Gorakhpur- Gorakhpur to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus superfast express special
  6. 04411 / 04412- Saharsa to Delhi Junction / Delhi Jn. to Saharsa
  7. 02529- Patliputra to Lucknow super fast express
  8. 02191- Jabalpur to Hridwar Superfast express
  9. 04406 / 04405- New Delhi to Barauni- Barauni to New Delhi  superfast express
  10. 04408 / 04407- New Delhi to Darbhanga- Darbhanga to New delhi
  11. 04092 / 04091- New Delhi- Jayanagar,  Jayanagar to New Delhi
  12. 04030 / 04029- Delhi to Muzaffarpur , Muzaffarpur to Delhi

Time Table and Chart for Diwali and Chhatt Puja 2020

  1. Train Number 04410 / 04409- New Delhi to Patna / Patna to New Delhi
  2. Train number- 04624 / 04623 Amritsar to Saharsa / Saharsa to Amritsar.
  3. 02422 / 02421- Jammu Tawi to Ajmer Junction / Ajmer to Jammu Tawi Junction
  4. 02237- Varanasi to Jammu Tawi
  5. – 04041 / 04042- Delhi Jn. To Dehradun / Dehradun to Delhi
  6. 02231 / 02232-  Lucknow to Chandigarh / Chandigarh to Lucknow
  7. 02448 / 02447- Hazrat Nizamuddin to Manikpur / Manikpur to Hazrat Nizamuddin
  8. 04503 / 04504- Kalka to Shimla /  Shimla to Kalka
  9. 09717 / 09718- Jaipur to Daulatpur Chowk /  Daulatpur Chowk to Jaipur
  10. 04887 / 04888- Rishikesh to Badmer / Badmer to Rishikesh
  11. 04519 / 04520- Delhi to Bhatinda / Bhatinda to Delhi
  12. 09612 / 09613- Amritsar to Ajmer / Ajmer to Amritsar

Railway Ministry has taken very well decision against the spread of Coronavirus, All safety precautions must have to be follow during the journey.

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Indian Railway App

You can book your confirm tickets through Indian railway app where you can download through Google Play store, through this app you can book your ticket can cancel your tickets and easily check PNR status and running status.