Kritika Malik: famous face got viral in the social media

Kritika Malik

Kritika Malik: In now a day’s one famous face got viral in the social media, as she has millions of followers on You Tube and Instagram.

She became an inspiration also to many girls who are fitness freak and loved going to gym. She is a social media influencer as well as Youtuber also. But in starting days she was got viral first Tik Tok as on that time she has 11.4 Million + followers.


Kritika Malik is basically belonged to New Delhi and in 2018 he got married with Sandeep who is now famous with a name Arman Malik. Her husband is also a social media influencer.

Kritika Malik born on 20 March 1994 in New Delhi and later she completed her schooling from kamla Public Senior secondary school, Vikaspuri, New Delhi. Kritika Malik is 27 years old now and she is living in Hyderabad.

height is 5’7 and weight is 58 Kg. Her nationality is indian and she becomes from Hindu religion. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She got married on 13th of October 2018 with Arman Malik. Kritika’s brother name is Kushal Basra and sister name is Swati Basra. Kritika starts her journey as fashion blogger but now she is a fitness freak woman.


She made Instagram reels and on daily basis 10-20 reels are uploaded in her Insta account that is the reason she has millions followers.

In her reels she looks very cute and ofcourse very hot as she uploaded maximum videos which are related to her daily routine, fun videos, smoking videos as she loves travelling and exploring new places in her Insta Videos.


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Kritika Malik married with Armaan Malik who has two wives including her. Arman’s first wife is Payal Malik who a son with Arman has named Chirayu Malik. Payal is also a social media influencer and youtuber, she also has millions of followers and subscribers on Instagram and Youtube.

Kritika Malik and Payal Malik mostly made videos together or as same in same content and same location likewise in same dresses. Both are looking very beautiful and cool together.

NameKritika Armaan Malik
Material StatusMarried
HusbandArmaan Malik
Birth PlaceNew Delhi
Birth Of Date20 March 1994
Current LocationHyderabad
PassionYoutuber, Short Video Makers


Payal also got fame firstly by Tik Tok as she has huge fan followers on Tik Tok later sho got fame by Instagram uploading their cute, funny and lip syncing reels on Insta and You Tube.

also a fitness freak as she uploading her gym activity videos. She made maximum videos with her family which includes Arman Malik, Kritika Malik and Chirayu Malik.

PAYAL MALIK born in 1998 in Hyderabad and done her schooling from there and graduated. Payal Malik is 23 years old now and she is living in Hyderabad. She has a massive fan following in India and she followed Hindu Religion.


Image |Image by-kritika_malik_9

Payal married with Arman Malik in 2011 as she is the first wife of of Sandeep Armaan Malik. The couple have a cute son named Chirayu Malik.

Her height is 5’6 and weight 50 Kg. The family made together many more videos like funny videos, smoking reels, celebrating parties together, comedy reels, inside gym videos and outside videos also. Payal increased their followers on Instagram very fastly day by day.

Payal looks very cute, sweet, bold and decent in her videos. She got much more love by their followers. They have a youtube channel together named as Family Fitness. In other hand individually they all have channels on You tube by their own names.

NamePayal Armaan Malik
Material StatusMarried
HusbandArmaan Malik
Birth PlaceHyderabad
Birth Of Date1998
Current LocationHyderabad
PassionYoutuber, Short Video Makers

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His full name is Armaan Malik and his nack name is Sandeep. Earlier he was also a famous Tik Toker as after completing 500K followers on tik Tok he declared that his Tik Tok account got hacked but he never fed up and started a new account and last time he has 10 million followers and now on Taka Tak he has 14+ Million followers.

These days Arman Malik is viral for his gym videos, funny videos and smoking videos. She made maximum videos with their entire family Payal Malik, Kritika Malik and Chirayu Malik. Many more are surprised to hear that he has two wives but that is true.

They live together stay together very happily as we seen their youtibe videos and Instagram Videos. Their family boundation seems very strong in their all videos.


Image |Image by-kritika_malik_9

Arman Malik born in Ajmer Rajasthan on 15th of December 1990. belongs with a middle class family and he completed his schooling and graduation from Jaipur Rajasthan.

He is 30 years old now and a fitness freak man also. followed Hindu religion and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His height is 5’11 and weight is 80 Kg.

His whole family makes videos on Instagram reels. He tried to commit suicide by Payal Malik’s family due to rape allegations against his mad.He has a massive following on his Instagram account. Seriosly fans loved to watch their videos and they gave too much love. He is a pet lover. They all are living together in Hyderabad and gyming together.

NameArmaan Malik
Material StatusMarried
WifePayal Malik, Kritika Malik
Birth PlaceJaipur Rajsthan
Birth Of Date15 December 1990
Current LocationHyderabad
PassionYoutuber, Short Video Makers
Arman Malik

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