Spotify Galaxy Watch: One of The Best Smart Watch in The Market

Spotify Galaxy Watch: Samsung launched its first smart watch with futuristic features in the year of 2013. Samsung Galaxy Gear was launched in 25 September, 2013. Later then, it was followed by his successor Samsung Galaxy Gear2. Samsung launched several new smart watches of Gear series like Samsung Gear S, Gear Live, Gear Sport, Gear S2 and Gear S3 and the rest.

But at that time Samsung failed to attract the costumers towards the watch and only 800,000 Galaxy gear was sold in a meanwhile worldwide. It performed very poorly in the market and even it has come so far that 30% of the sold watches are returned by the unsatisfied costumers.

But everyone learns from their mistakes. Samsung has now changed its line from Samsung Galaxy Gear to Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Samsung Galaxy smart watches features more than just showing you the current time, it can detect your fitness and health, activity you are performing wearing the watch and also can control your phone.

These smart watches uses Tizen (a Linux-based mobile operating system developed and primarily used by Samsung Electronics) operating system.

New features now Samsung smart watches provide

Spotify Galaxy Watch
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Spotify Galaxy Watch: This watch compatible with both iOS and Android devices, compared to apple watches which only work with iOS. Looks and built quality of this device is premium and sturdy with stainless steel and Gorilla glass protection. It is built with stainless steel and plastic at the back, bezelless display is sharp and crisp as it is Super AMOLED display coated with Gorilla Glass to tackle scratches.

The Samsung smart watches consists of a 3.02 cm (1.2 inch) touchscreen display, so you can access the app, widget and settings seamlessly. You will get to see a physical rotating bezel in Galaxy watch series like Galaxy Watch and Watch 3 but Galaxy watch Active & Active 2 has a touch sensitive, virtual rotating bezel. Rotating bezels are used for quick access for widgets by rotating right and to check the earlier notification you have to rotate it to the right.

Other than showing you just instant time, it can do a lot more than a regular watch. It gives you the notification of your incoming call, social media notification with a vibration and let you reject or answer the call. It can track your heart rate, your SpO2 level, your steps, activities or exercises you are doing. This watch can track up to 39 different activities. Moreover, these watches include NFC which means you can use tap to pay feature through Samsung pay.

These smart watches not only provide you some extra ordinary features but also it can protect itself with Military-grade durability for extreme weather and temperature and a water and dust resistance with IP68 rating to handle up to 5 ATM pressure under water. A GPS included in this watch to know your location and track workout distances.

Spotify Galaxy Watch: Spotify on Samsung wearable

Spotify Galaxy Watch
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The few best features in Samsung watches is you can play music without using your phone as this watches have in built speakers. Once installed, you can control your and another device’s music from your wrist with Samsung wearable.

If you have upgraded to premium, you can control what plays on another device, download musics to listen them offline, and can enjoy high & rich quality sound music too.

Available Samsung smartwatch Models

There are two series of Samsung smart watches available in the market

Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • “””””” Watch 3
  • “” Watch 3 LTE

For your information Galaxy Watch 2 is not launched. So, there is no Galaxy Watch 2 available in the market yet now.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • ” Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch

This watch was released on August 2018 and still available with a price of ₹ 16,990 in Amazon and flipkart for the 46 mm black variant and ₹ 15,990 in Samsung store but this smartwatch is not available in Samsung store. One more variant of this watch is 42mm which is nowhere available.

Watch 3

This watch launched in August 5, 2020 and comes in two variant 41 mm and 45 mm with mystic Silver, mystic gold and mystic black colours. The price of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41 mm is ₹ 25,990 in Flipkart and ₹ 28,990 for Samsung Galaxy 3, 45 mm as this smartwatch is available on Amazon.

Watch 3 LTE

This Smartwatch use eSIM technology which means it clones the data of the SIM from your phone and uses it for itself to make/receive calls and texts from the watch.

This smartwatch is available on Flipkart with a price of ₹39,490 for 45mm and ₹34,490 for the 41mm watch in Amazon.


The lightweight, but durable Galaxy Watch Active comes with a useful auto workout tracking with inbuilt GPS. This watch Aluminum built and comes in three colours Pink, Black, and Grey. The pricing of this watch in Flipkart is ₹ 19,990. This smartwatch is currently not available in the market.

2. Active 2

This smartwatch comes in both steel and Aluminum manufacturing with the same three colour as in Pink, Grey and Black. The price of this smartwatch in Flipkart is ₹ 17,990. The steel body made watch pricing is ₹ 24,490 in flipkart.

Note: Prices may be varied in different e-commerce website. So, do check the availability, features and prices before buying.

This Post Written by Abdul Amaan

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