indian railways update: Isolation Coaches has been started

Indian Railways Update: The Health Ministry of India says that across 23 states isolation coaches is ready to admit ‘Covid-19’ affected patients. Not only in big cities the coaches has been spread across all major hotspots in India that’s covered big cities as well as rural areas also. Approximate 20,000 Coaches has been ready for Isolation.that is a great step took by the government, really great appreciation for our Nation, this is beyond imagination but it comes true.

So thankful to Indian Railways and our Government who cares for us as much as they can and in comparison to other countries our Government thinks about their nation more than them. So I must have to say that if our Government cares about us then then this is our responsibility on priority basis it is mandatory that follow all the guidelines which is provided by our great Government.

Indian Railway's Isolation Coaches has been started
Indian Railways Update

Indian Railways Update: Important

The coaches will be used as ‘Covid Care Centers’ for suspected or confirmed patients of ‘Covid-19’. Firstly patients will be quarantine in this coaches for 14 days after the confirmation of positive they get treated. This Idea is really helpful for those areas where lack of hospitals and lack of facilities for Covid-19 affected people.

On the basis of that poor people can reached easily to the hospital as many of them don’t have televisions or smart phones so they are unable to update their selves with new updates regarding Covid-19. So in that case if they found their selves sick they can reached their nearest hospital,

After some checking if they found positive then nearest isolation station will be helpful for them.

The coaches will be used as 'Covid Care Centers
Indian Railways Update

Indian Railways Update: Guidelines

On Wednesday it is considered by the Health Ministry of India that the possibility of increasing number of Covid-19 cases day by day affected people people must have to careful, first they have to took care their self and avoid cross touch around them,

Don’t be afraid with this virus but protection the necessary thing, In this situation if in you found your self doubtful with sick then contact help number which is issued by state government, so come first yourself so that doctor can treat you.

Patients will be observed by their symptoms and clinical conditions. Stations are nearest to Covid hospitals, according to government guidelines. This is really helpful to avoid cross infection, and coaches are ready to admit the affected person and it is completely in use.

States where Isolation Coaches deployed

Indian Railways Update States where Isolation Coaches deployed
Indian Railways Update

As per the Health Ministry of India the list Includes districts currently in the ‘green zones’ as well as large number of ‘orange zones’ also. Approximate 20,000 Coaches has ready for Isolation.

Indian Railways Update It is totally cleared that Isolation Coaches has been spread across
Indian Railways Update

States Includes Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Assam, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Tripura, Karnataka, Uttrakhand and Goa.

The maximum number of stations of Isolation coaches are in Uttar Pradesh (27), Maharashtra (21), West Bengal (18), Bihar (15), Madhya Pradesh (14) and Assam (13).

This stations are nearest to Covid hospitals. Once the ‘Covid-19’ crisis will be over isolation setup will removed. This is a temporary arrangement not a permanent setup.

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