Netarhat: One of the Best Secret Tourist Attractions of Jharkhand

Netarhat is a secret and popular hill station located in Latehar, Jharkhand, India. It also known as Queen of Chotanagpur, as it also one of the famous tourist attractions among Jharkhand State. It located at a height of 3514 feet as it covered with a thick dense forest.

It’s 156 kilometers away from the main city Ranchi which is also a capital of Jharkhand. Its name derived from the Nature of Heart to Netarhat. The place is quite pleasant gives fresh, neat and cleans air anytime as in the air there is no any pollution in the atmosphere.

From a busy life a person can take a relax breakthrough to reach this heaven place which are situated in the heart of Jharkhand state. Such an awesome place just located to the nearest point capital Ranchi.

Netarhat Sunrise Point

Netarhat is known for its best sunrise and sunset point. In the months of summer season, it gave the best view of sightseeing. Journey to the nature of Netarhat proved highly awesome experience with beyond expectation in a life. Enjoy lots of fun with rolling roads covered with palash, mahua, pine and sal trees. When reached to the plateau of Netarhat a huge gate welcomes you to the beautiful town.

Best Tourist Attractions Nearest to Netarhat

Here’s the list of top most visited tourist attractions which are nearest to Netarhat.

  • Upper Ghagri Falls
  • Mangolia Point
  • Sunrise Point
  • Sadni Falls
  • Lodh Falls
  • Mahuadandr Wolf Sanctuary
  • Lower Ghaghri Fort
  • Suga Bandh Falls
  • Betla National Park
  • Chalet House
  • Koel View Point

Myths about Netarhat

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During the period of colonial, a British girl named Magnolia fell down in a love with local boy but the society doesn’t accept their love and she committed suicide to jump through the hill, since the place got named Magnolia Point. Through this point you can get best view of sunset and sunrise.

Another myth that according to the localities, very early there a village named Anjan village, a Hanumana, the monkey from Ramayana get born in the cave and he got eager to eat rising sun just thinking that it is a fruit.

Best Time to Visit Netarhat

The place situated on a hill and can be visited anytime in the year. The place is less crowded and good for nature lover. Lots of falls, lots of mountains and lots of dense forests are the nearest attraction point of Netarhat district. A secret hill station with incredible environment as it is located in the heart of Jharkhand.

For the residents of Ranchi, this place is not less than heaven, the waters here attract people to themselves and a lot, the weather in the morning seems to be different.


One of the best places to stay along with Netarhat is definitely tourist lodge which runs by the state tourism department. Driving through its place make you feel full of energy as in the environment of Netarhat there is no percent of pollution in the atmosphere. The place is full of neat and clean oxygen in the air. Early morning and evening time gives you the best feeling in your life.

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